Garden Furniture

Orever Redwood has been very, very busy this summer - working overtime to fill all the orders and special requests.   And they’re ready to give you an extra discount if you can wait a bit longer to receive your new garden planters, table and chairs, outdoor loungers, gazebo, pergola, glider, or any item on their website. 

The TakeYourTime Sale offers a 20% discount on any new order if you choose the 6-week shipping option.  To take advantage of this discount, just type “TAKEYOURTIME” in the coupon code box at checkout.  This special discount will only be available a couple of weeks so place…

It’s July 2 and summer is definitely here.  Garden planters and pots should be filling out and showing off by now.  How’s everything going in your garden?  Are your plant selections performing?   Honestly, I’ve had a few disappointments!

My Deck Planter Needed A Make Over


Two of my deck planters just didn’t have the punch that I expected.  The planters themselves (gifts from my sister!) worked great - firmly sitting on the deck rails despite some tremendous thunderstorms and strong winds.  However, some of the plants have died (or look like they’re at death’s door) and others just didn’t take off like I thought they would.  So, this week I decided on a course correction and off.

Tiered Self-Watering Planters Let You Pack Up & Go

When I go out of town in the summer, I have to make arrangements for my dog and I have to get a babysitter to water my flowers.  Now it’s much easier!  Not only do these self-watering planters give just the right amount of water for the plants, they don’t throw a party at my house for their friends! 

Great Use of Small Space

Save Space and Time